Eliminating Financial & Logistical Obstacles to Clinical Trial Participation

85% of clinical trials are delayed and 30% never happen, according to Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, simply because there aren’t enough volunteers to participate. At Greenphire, we provide sponsors, CROs and sites tools to effectively remove the non-medical blockers that prevent patients from enrolling or dropping out of a clinical study. 

Patient Burden Tipping Points

Clinical trials offer promises of new cures, treatments, and improved quality of life. Yet, complex clinical trial protocols can sometimes make participation difficult for the patient and their family to lead an everyday life.

  • More and longer visits
  • Further travel distance
  • More primary and secondary endpoints
  • More procedures

Enabling Patient Convenience

The increasing demands on the patient cause not only emotional drain but also financial and logistical hardships as well. Greenphire cares. Our solutions are designed with the patient in mind, to remove impediments to participating in clinical trials without increasing research site burdens.

GreenSpace Participant App

Mobile and web-based platform provides participants with centralized access to study tasks and details, including:

  • Receipt capture & upload
  • Reimbursement request
  • Financial views
  • Visit and travel details
  • And more engagement tools!

“It’s a really convenient way to make sure that I get what I need when I participate in a clinical trial.”

Clinical Trial Patient – Greenphire ClinCard User

Personalized Solutions for Every Patient Journey

Patients Are Never Alone with Greenphire

  • Solutions are user-friendly (card system, travel providers) and no cost to the patient
  • Familiar modes of transportation
  • Patient-facing portals and materials
  • Not dependent on smartphones
  • Patient support 24/7

“A medical treatment that is effective for one ethnic group may not have the same effects on another group.  By conducting clinical research among genetically diverse populations, we gain critical insight and confidence into the safety and efficacy of the drug across all patient populations who will be using the drug if approved.”

–  Jim Murphy, CEO Greenphire