Improve Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

Out-of-pocket costs, logistics, and travel complications are just some of the challenges that prevent patients from participating in research. To ease the burden on site staff and increase sponsor transparency, Greenphire has developed proven solutions that automate manual processes to help meet enrollment goals while maximizing patient engagement in clinical trials.

Travel & Logistics

The most personalized clinical trial travel solution — with ClinCard, rideshare integration, and more — Greenphire’s Travel & Logistics meets the retention goals of global clinical trials, increasing patient convenience and eliminating any barriers that may stand in the way of participation and retention.

Mobile Engagement

A mobile and web-based platform that provides participants with centralized access to study details and the ability to provide feedback, GreenSpace, Greenphire’s Mobile Engagement solution, brings together patient finances, travel, and resources throughout all parts of the trial to increase enrollment and retention.

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Optimize Your Patient Convenience, Engagement, & Retention

Ready to introduce a new level of patient convenience to your clinical trial?