At Greenphire, our goal is to help sponsors and CROs optimize their clinical trial operations from study planning and startup through conduct and analysis. The power lies not only in our technology but the combination of workflow automation and data insights. 

Our embedded data offerings and analytics allow our clients to better plan, budget, forecast, and manage cash flow across their global clinical trial landscape. 

Extensive Global Experience Yields High-Quality Global Data

  • 3000+ Studies
  • 1000+ Sponsors & CROs
  • 30K+ Unique Sites
  • 80+ Countries

Data-Driven Study Planning

Patient Experience Dataset

Leverage the industry’s first Patient Experience Dataset providing a comprehensive view across the patient journey so you can better plan, budget for, and execute the optimal participant trial experience.  

Gain insight into global stipend and reimbursement amounts, travel methods and expenses, regional regulatory guidelines, and more, enabling you to: 

  • Accurately forecast & budget 
  • Predict & drive enrollment 
  • Streamline EC & IRB submissions 
  • Improve engagement & retention 

All broken down by phase, therapeutic area, and country.

Site Payments Fair Market Value Data 

Elevate the way you budget and negotiate for investigator grants with access to the most contemporary and industry indicative Site Payments FMV Dataset. 

Derived from executed CTAs and ongoing budget amendments, our regularly refreshed dataset puts you in a better position to build an initial budget and kickoff negotiations, ultimately allowing you to: 

  • Accelerate study startup 
  • Improve site relationships 
  • Reach “First Patient In” sooner 

All broken down by phase, therapeutic area, and country.

Study Management Analytics

Payment Management

Gain a line of sight into key financial metrics across your studies, including accounts payable & receivable, activity to payment timelines, top enrolling sites, current spend activity against contracts, and more.  

These insights ensure all parties maintain visibility of all requests and payments — driving reporting accuracy and improved site satisfaction.

Study Forecasting

Increase predictability across key assumptions including enrollment, completed visits, screening, and dropout rate. 

Greenphire provides forecasting that analyzes all assumptions and actual activity to generate forward looking insights on final trial costs. 

Anomaly Detection

Visualize your payment data in a dashboard organized to highlight anomalous behavior including studies, sites, or participants receiving compensation outside of typical timelines or amounts.  

Spot process breakdowns early so that effective action can be taken to keep your trial running smoothly. 

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