Simple, Automated Rideshare
Integration with ClinCard

Rideshare, Reimbursement & Reporting in One Portal

Through a partnership with the reputable ridesharing network Lyft, site coordinators can seamlessly request transportation for participants for increased convenience and retention.

Hear From Our Clients

We sat down with Cheryl Zinar, Director of Clinical Research at Midlantic Urology Associates, about her experience in partnering with Greenphire to eliminate financial and logistical barriers to patient participation in clinical trials using Lyft.

Eliminate Financial & Logistical Barriers to Participation

Clinical trials are more complex and more burdensome for participants than ever before. With a heightened focus on participant-centricity, travel services are becoming critical for patient retention.

Through the ClinCard portal, site coordinators can seamlessly request a ride for participants with a real-time view into ride status.

This offering removes out-of-pocket expenses and provides added convenience for participants while ensuring a simple workflow for site staff. Centralizing the payments and travel budget within a singular platform provides complete financial control, transparency and predictability for all participant-related expenditures.

Simple Steps to Requesting a Ride with Full Visibility

Request a ride for now or schedule for later
Enter ride details with full audit trail
Participant is picked up and dropped off at the clinic

Better Transportation. Smarter Trials.

By integrating Lyft with ClinCard, you’ll simplify workflows for sites, provide financial transparency for sponsors and CROs and eliminate hurdles for patients.


  • Curb-to-curb service
  • Ability to limit ride type and distance for financial control
  • Detailed financial reporting, including individual ride costs
  • Single login and familiar workflow for sites
  • Blinded financial reports with no PII
  • Dedicated support system for patient, site, CRO & sponsor needs


  • No duplicate data entry
  • Improved participant access to trials
  • Increased participation and retention
  • Scalability for any size study
  • Ability to reimburse for other transportation modes or expenses
  • Single vendor contract, issuance fund and invoicing process
  • Enhanced financial visibility

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