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The Truth Behind Patient Reimbursement in the EU

We've debunked the common myths behind patient reimbursement and payments in the EU, read the blog post to learn more

Keys to Successful Implementation and Rapid ROI

Learn the key strategies to a successful implementation at Universities and Hospitals

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9 out of 10 sites would recommend Greenphire and most ask their sponsor or CRO about our products, find out why

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CROs that leverage an automated approach gain both the flexibility and breadth of features and functionality to fit their workflows and processes, without disruption.


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We’ve automated payment processes for 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and the top 20 global CROs.


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Eliminate administrative burdens, improve participant engagement and gain financial visibility and control.


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Support site sustainability, reduce administrative burdens and gain financial transparency and control for both site payments and patient reimbursements.


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Gain a competitive edge and be a better partner to both your sponsors and sites with better site grant payments and patient reimbursements.

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We are the trusted partner for financial process automation within life science research. We apply our unique domain expertise, technology and experience to deliver pioneering solutions that enable greater control, transparency, predictability and efficiency for all clinical research stakeholders.


Automate Site Payments

Learn how eClinicalGPS delivers a significant advantage to research sites – empowering investigators to remain focused on their research, not get distracted with manual payment processes.