Transform Budget Development & Accelerate Study Startup

Financial and administrative complexities often delay clinical trials, extending your time to the finish line. Greenphire enhances the budget build and negotiation lifecycle for clinical trial sponsors and CROs. Ready to drive increased efficiency and accuracy for a streamlined and optimized study startup? Let’s GO!

Delivering Measurable ROI

Experience tangible benefits with Greenphire’s intuitive clinical trial budget development tool & contemporary FMV data:

  • 2-week
    reduction in budget creation timeline
  • 20%
    reduction in admin work
  • 1-month
    reduction in study startup timeline

“Partnering with Greenphire allows us to unlock access to the most robust and contemporary investigator grant FMV data in the industry. This data, along with ease of building a budget through a simple and flexible tool, brings considerable value to our clients’ clinical development programs.”

Clareece West, Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations at Linical Americas.

Eliminate Guesswork From Your Clinical Trial Budgeting Process

Budgeting challenges can lead to delays in study startup for many clinical trials. Greenphire streamlines the budget build & negotiation process with the following features:

  • Intuitive visit-schedule design
  • Study, country, site levels
  • Easy import of Protocol Schedule of Assessments
  • Support of multiple treatment arms & cohorts
  • Simple protocol & contract amendments 
  • Access to contemporary FMV data 
  • Exportable templates 
  • Integration with site payment solution

Enhance Your Experience Greenphire Clinical Trial Budgeting

Streamline Your Startup

Ready to benefit from heightened accuracy and efficiency in your clinical trial budgeting process?  

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