About Us

Who We Are

Greenphire is the leading provider of global financial lifecycle management solutions for clinical trials, delivering the most complete data and workflow automation from budgeting through analysis to drive unprecedented business insight and smarter trials.

Since 2008, we have continued to set the standard for regulated global payment workflow automation in clinical trials. The choice of industry leaders worldwide, Greenphire delivers proven performance, resulting in more efficient and more successful trials.

How We Became the Trusted Global Experts

Committed to worldwide trial success, Greenphire has worked with sponsors, CROs and sites in more than 70 countries to design and improve its solutions with a high level of flexibility. Guided by a dedication to site experience, Greenphire’s solutions accommodate regional workflow preferences and challenging regulatory demands, while still addressing the needs of patients.

Countries with payments executed
20M +
Participant payments
190K +
Itineraries booked in nearly 50 countries
6M +
Site payments (line Items) executed
30K +
Unique sites configured across 75 countries

What We Do

Greenphire’s transformational solution suite is solving the biggest shared challenges in clinical research. By listening closely to the needs of key industry stakeholders, we’re able to maximize efficiencies throughout the financial lifecycle of the clinical trial, shifting the day-to-day focus toward better patient care.

Enabling Patients

Eliminating financial and logistical obstacles to clinical trial participation

Empowering Sites

Reducing admin burden through workflow simplification, improved visibility and accelerated payment

Advising Sponsors & CROs

Maximizing global financial transparency, control and predictability throughout the clinical development process

Investing in Employees

Providing the tools and training to support task execution and team member professional development

Our History

Greenphire was founded with the idea that there was a better way to pay patients in clinical trials. However, that idea was part of a much broader vision which has continued to evolve and gain market adoption.

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