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Improve Patient Engagement

Clinical trials are complex and overwhelming for participants. Our GreenSpace mobile app simplifies participant engagement, ensuring your study keeps moving. The GreenSpace participant-facing application offers a robust, centralized experience, supporting patient engagement throughout the clinical trial journey. 

From financial views to travel details and insights, GreenSpace, accessible via mobile app and web, is the single source for your participants’ trial experience. Our leading-edge patient engagement technology and high-value features allow you to maximize resources and provide a seamless digital experience for all of your clinical trial participants.

Addressing the Root of Delays

What Sites, Sponsors, and CROs Are Saying

  • 95% of sponsors and CROs
    agree that removing financial and logistical barriers from patient participation in clinical trials can improve retention.
  • 86% of sites
    feel it is important to give participants access to study information digitally, both through the web and mobile applications.

Financial Views

Financial complexities like out-of-pocket costs can deter participation. GreenSpace gives patients peace of mind by increasing transparency, thereby boosting retention.  

Our mobile and web-friendly clinical trial app helps participants with real-time access to their account information:  

  • Reimbursement request: Empowers participants to take a picture of their receipt and upload for reimbursement 
  • Financial views: ClinCard integration offers real-time access to account balance and financial details 

Travel Details

According to CISCRP, traveling to the study clinic is the top burden for trial participants. Greenphire’s GreenSpace, patient engagement technology, enables sponsors and CROs to alleviate this stress by providing 24/7 access to travel information, putting the patient in control and increasing convenience:

  • Transportation details: Ensures participants have a real-time view into their rideshare details 
  • Support access: Allows participants to easily connect with a site representative for questions or requests

Patient Engagement Features

Clinical trial participants often feel underinformed. The GreenSpace platform enhances engagement by giving access to helpful resources and actions while gathering meaningful information:  

  • Insights: Deliver study-specific resources and multimedia content such as articles, videos, webinar info, and more to participants 
  • Surveys: Issue pre-built feedback and satisfaction surveys for participants to complete at designated intervals 

“Sponsors and sites should aspire to offer participants a digital companion that supports all parts of the trial, from identifying and enrolling in a trial, accessing relevant and helpful resources, recording information in real time, having a view into site visits and/or travel itineraries, receiving reminders, and providing an easy way to track and manage reimbursements and/or stipends.”

Clay Williams, Vice President of Mobile Applications, Greenphire in Outsourcing Pharma

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As the global leader in patient engagement technology solutions for 15+ years, we’ve consistently set the standard for regulated payment workflow automation and participant convenience solutions. Learn more about removing financial and logistical burdens from your clinical research; provide a seamless digital participant experience using GreenSpace.