Relying on outdated source data can lead to inaccurate budgets, prolonged negotiations, and delays to your study’s startup. Through Greenphire’s extensive experience in executing global site payments, we have established the most reliable set of fair market value (FMV) data in the industry, sourced from current, globally negotiated CTAs.  

Want to avoid the pitfalls of using obsolete data? Ensure your budgets reflect real-world conditions with Greenphire. 

“Better starting negotiation parameters drive startup efficiency with reduced cycle times and faster time to payment.”

Unique Advantages of Greenphire’s FMV Data

Greenphire’s FMV data stand out with tens of thousands of unique data points:

  • 70+
    countries with fair market value benchmarking
  • 300+
    global, proprietary codes specific to research
  • 20%
    more countries with negotiated actuals than other top data sources

Accelerate Startup With Seamless Data-Workflow Integration

Integrate FMV data directly into your budget creation process. This streamlined approach combines our intuitive Budgeting tool with our powerful fair market dataset to optimize your study startup.

Want to Streamline Your Study Startup?

Achieve precision and efficiency in your budgeting process and get moving toward the finish line. Request a demo today and see how our solutions can transform your clinical trials.