Removing Financial and Administrative Burden for Sites Worldwide

Greenphire offers the most comprehensive travel service for global clinical trials, providing added patient convenience by eliminating any barriers that may stand in the way of a participant completing a trial.

Key Challenges Sites Face

  • #1
    Pain Point Cited By Sites Worldwide Is Recruitment & Retention
  • 74%
    Of Global Site Spend 15+ Mins Per Visit On Stipends And Reimbursements
  • 76%
    Of Sites Coordinate Travel For Participants
  • 74%
    Of Global Sites Are Not Satisfied With Their Invoicing Process

Automation Is the Answer

Greenphire’s solutions for patient reimbursement, travel, and site payments are all designed with sites in mind. Everything that we do is engineered to bring simplicity and efficiency for research coordinators and administrators.

Let’s Partner Together

Sites work with Greenphire in two different ways.

Experience & Expertise Working With Leading Research Institutions

We partner with leading academic research institutions focused on groundbreaking innovation and discovery to optimize processes.

We work with hospitals across the globe focused on providing the most cutting-edge therapies and care to their patients and community.

Whether focused on a select disease or therapeutic area, we assist stand-alone sites with optimizing their performance and efficiency.

Dedicated to serving their members and special populations, Greenphire works with organizations to streamline their clinical studies.

We partner with sites across networks to provide technology automation services and standardize patient convenience solutions, harmonizing their processes for economies of scale.

Positioning Sites for Success

A Critical Partner in the Clinic and Beyond

Clinical research sites, and the tremendous value they bring to our industry, are not replaceable.

Greenphire is a proud Global Impact Partner of the Society for Clinical Research Sites. We welcome being part of their community through events, webinars, thought leadership, and other strategic initiatives.

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