Simplify and Connect Your Workflows

Interoperability is a hallmark of Greenphire’s solution set. As a fit-for-purpose provider of technology that streamlines financial workflows across the clinical trial lifecycle, critical to our success and that of our clients and end-users is our capability to integrate with other frequently used eClinical platforms and data sources.

Any Data Source, Any Format

Our solutions have the ability to connect to any data source, including but not limited to:

Why Trust Greenphire’s Integration Experience & Expertise?

Greenphire has more than 15 years of experience integrating with eClinical platforms and data sources, with standard integrations spanning a variety of use cases. We also understand that integrations are not one-size-fits-all and as such, we take a consultative approach to ensure we connect with your systems in a way that meets your unique needs, ultimately driving the utmost efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.

See Our Integrations in Action and the Benefits Experienced!

Discover how Greenphire’s collaboration with SignantHealth’s SmartSignals eCOA platform brought significant benefits to the sponsor, sites, and most importantly, the thousands of clinical trial participants involved.

How Integrations Benefit You

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