Prioritizing the Patient Experience Through Technology

Hybrid trials look to eliminate blockers to clinical trial participation by bringing traditional trial activity to the comfort of a patient’s home, and their adoption is on the rise. Greenphire has a host of solutions to help sponsors, CROs and sites.

Solutions to Meet Evolving Study Dynamics

We’re listening to the needs of our sponsor, CRO and site partners and adjusting to current market demands. Through product innovation, we are working to reduce patient and site burden, improve process efficiency and data sharing and cut costs.

86% of clinical trial professionals believe there will be more telehealth and digital technology in the future.

Greenphire Survey, April 2020

Clinical Research Sites: A Critical Partner in the Clinic and Beyond

Clinical research sites, and the tremendous value they bring to our industry, are not replaceable.

Greenphire is a proud Global Impact Partner of the Society for Clinical Research Sites. We are partners with their Digital Transformation Initiative and advocate for their training opportunities for sites, including their Virtual Trial certification.

Is It Time to Get Virtual?

Contact Greenphire to find out how you can enable sites to deliver patient-centric services beyond the clinic.