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Eliminate Financial & Logistical Obstacles to Clinical Trial Participation

85% of clinical trials are delayed and 30% never happen, according to Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, simply because there aren’t enough volunteers to participate.

At Greenphire, we provide sponsors, CROs, and sites with the award winning tools to eliminate obstacles which can prevent patients from enrolling or dropping out of a clinical study. By removing logistical and financial barriers, we can ensure that a diverse base of study participants enroll in a clinical study.

Become a Sponsor or CRO of Choice

With our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to enhancing the patient journey, we provide reliable solutions that are favored by sites worldwide.

In a recent survey, 91% of sites expressed satisfaction with ClinCard and emphasized that their use of patient engagement technology hinges on whether it simplifies operations for busy site staff. Trust us to simplify your patient engagement process.

Solutions for Patient Convenience

ClinCard and ConneX are two powerful tools that can help simplify the process of global clinical trial payments and travel. With their advanced features and user-friendly interfaces, these innovative platforms offer a seamless experience that can eliminate barriers, enhance patient engagement and retention, and improve efficiency.

Whether you’re a researcher, a sponsor, or a participant in a clinical trial, ClinCard and ConneX are the perfect solutions for managing your payments and travel needs.

“ClinCard and ConneX improves patient diversity, which can help speed up enrollment, or help a site over-enroll versus their targets, as they have a larger pool from which to pull patients. Greater diversity of patients in a trial also helps deliver a deeper data set.”

Global Pharmaceutical Sponsor, June 2023

Greenphire has partnered with top sponsors, CROs and clinical research sites around the world to streamline participant payments and travel. Together, with customers like Michael J. Fox Foundation, we have distributed and reimbursed over $1B to more than 3M participants globally.

Learn about how Michael J. Fox Foundation automated the payment process with Greenphire’s ClinCard to ensure a positive participant and staff experience. 

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