Tax Toolkit

Enabling Tax Compliance for Sponsors and Sites

Eliminate Manual Tracking of Tax-Related Information

ClinCard’s Tax Toolkit supports research sites and sponsors in remaining IRS Tax compliant, simplifying the tracking of relevant data while maintaining confidentiality and privacy. 

Helpful Features to Streamline Your Workflows

  • TIN validation
  • Automatic withholding of a portion of taxable payments when TIN is unavailable or invalid
  • 1099 and taxable payments reporting
  • Payment classification as taxable or tax exempt
  • Configuration flexibility (withholding percent, thresholds, approach)
  • 1099 production service

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Expert Collaboration

We’ve worked closely with our expert tax partners to ensure ClinCard’s Tax Toolkit helps clients adhere to complicated tax regulations. As the only participant payment software that supports tax compliance, ClinCard remains the most sophisticated solution in the market.

Take the Stress out of Tax Management

Let us show you a more streamlined approach to remaining tax compliant.