Sponsors Leverage the Automation, Control, and Predictability of eClinicalGPS to Empower Sites

April 07 2023  

A recent site satisfaction survey conducted by Greenphire revealed that both research sites and sponsors are looking for opportunities to improve clinical trial processes. It’s easy to see why: site satisfaction is a key factor in the success of any trial. As a result, sponsors are under pressure to provide a solution that caters to the sites and participants to offer a seamless and streamlined experience.

It’s no secret that payments are often an underlying burden in sponsor/site relationships, and this can detrimentally impact study performance. A way to achieve better success is through automating site payments and invoicing. More than 90% of sites prefer to work with sponsors and CROs that automate payments. This helps sites focus on their core tasks of research and patient care, rather than cumbersome administrative tasks. In addition, site payment automation supports site-centricity and performance by providing flexible, site-preferred payment frequencies, full transparency, and reduced administrative burden. 

Greenphire collected data from the 2022 Summer Market Trends and Site Satisfaction surveys that further proved how much sponsors and sites benefit from the implementation and usage of eClinicalGPS, the leading site payment automation solution. Below are some key benefits cited by the sites, sponsors and CROs.

Easy to use technology 

“Easy access to a list of all my studies on the site” – 2022 Site Satisfaction Survey

In today’s industry, sites have to be mindful about how they allocate and use their resources. 85% of sites would prefer to work with a sponsor or CRO who invests in tech that alleviates their challenges regarding invoice creation, distribution, and reconciliation. Manual processes result in more error and take up more time and resources. According to Greenphire’s Site Satisfaction Survey, an overwhelming majority of sites feel eClinicalGPS is intuitive and easy to use. Technology that provides a seamless workflow is a priority for many sites. 

Sites are willing to use and learn new technologies, but it is crucial that the technology is interoperable, intuitive and doesn’t add extra burden to the site staff. It is also essential to provide staff with appropriate training to effectively utilize new technology. According to a survey recently implemented to measure the effectiveness of training, 95% of users who attended eClinicalGPS New User Training would recommend the training to a new user. 

Improved site satisfaction 

“It’s a quicker process than me having to organize an institutional invoice.” – 2022 Site Satisfaction Survey

Sites play a critical role in patient recruitment and enrollment. With the number of unique sponsors per site increasing over the next two years from 5-7, it remains important for sponsors to focus on activities to help minimize site pain points.   

Based on the findings from L.E.K. Consulting’s Inaugural Clinical and eClinical Pharma Services Survey, two areas where we know sites want sponsors to focus on are: shortened trial start up times and ensuring payments are made on time. When a research site runs smoothly and efficiently (e.g. shortened timeline to startup) , they can direct more of their effort to the participant experience, driving better engagement and retention. 95% of sponsors and CROs agree that providing technology solutions for patient engagement in clinical trials can positively impact recruitment and retention. Ultimately, sponsors who empower sites and enable participants through technology and process optimization build trust and stronger relationships, resulting in more successful trials. 

Benefit from consistent cash flow

77% of sites say “eClinicalGPS shortens the length of time it takes for our site to get paid by the sponsor/CRO”. – 2022 Site Satisfaction Survey

Navigating global site payments is complex and burdensome for sponsors and sites alike. 82% of sites say that delays in site payments from study sponsors have a negative impact on their business operations. According to a recent interview with Jimmy Bechtel, Vice President of Site Engagement at the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), with 58% of sites indicating that they have 3 months or less operating cash on hand, not only are preferred payment terms essential, but timely execution of payments based on the contracted frequency are as well. This causes a strain on sites to perform adequately and further leads to decreases in patient retention in a study. By having a steady, set schedule of payments at a frequency sites prefer, sponsors will see higher site satisfaction. 

Gain financial control and predictability

“We can tell what visits the sponsor has paid and can see that they have received invoices and if they have been paid. This is incredibly helpful and saves site “FTE’s!” – 2022 Site Satisfaction Survey

Sponsors, CROs, and sites agree that the most important activity that sponsors and CROs can do to enhance relationships with sites is to streamline site payments and invoicing. 88% of sites say having a documented audit trail of study finances/payments using eClinicalGPS is valuable for their site. Sponsors also gain oversight over all payment activity in real-time by having a comprehensive record of finances and payments. eClinicalGPS provides a central suite of payment and transaction history, contracted payment terms and requirements, study activity data, and future visit schedule assumptions. Automation plays a significant role in providing financial visibility, cash flow predictability, and regulatory compliance, allowing for more financially aware decisions and improved budget management. 

Comply with regional regulations and requirements 

“Easy submission of invoices straight into the system and directly linked with the relevant payments.” – Australia, eClinicalGPS Global Testimonial

eClinicalGPS is a powerful tool that strengthens the partnership between sponsors and clinical trial sites around the globe. Individual site needs are met, whether choosing the desired invoicing option, allocating payments across payees, or receiving payment in their desired currency. Sponsors can ensure that they are executing payments efficiently. “I feel it’s easy to use, and I can manage invoices much easier than without it,” said a South Korean Site. Sponsors and sites worldwide can feel confident that the applicable global regulations and requirements are properly addressed in many of the markets we support.

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Sources: Tzeng, Ian, et al. “Findings From L.E.K. Consulting’s Inaugural Clinical and EClinical Pharma Services Survey.” 12 L.E.K. Consulting, 2022.

Rachel Diamond
Senior Relationship Director

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