As sponsors and CROs look to bring more global sites to support their trials, it is critical that the payment solutions they are using are able to support these studies.

In an effort to ensure the continued global adoption of our industry leading payment tools, we partnered with the Society for Clinical Research Sites to assemble a Site Advocacy Group (SAG), with 10 research site staff members representing seven different countries.  Each member of the group played a role in the reconciliation and invoicing as well as patient reimbursement processes at their site.

As the trusted payment partner by the top sponsors and CROs around the world, we are committed to understanding the workflows and preferences of sites around the world. The many varying country-specific nuances, regulations and preferences can impact the value of a payment solution at these sites.

There are key objectives we often hear from sponsors around asking sites to use our solution. We addressed these objectives with our advocacy group, and this is what we heard

  1. Sites don’t want to get paid monthly.

“Of course we want to get paid monthly. This is a business. What we don’t want is to do all the work it takes to get paid each month.”

2. Sites need to use their own invoices, they cannot be generated for them.

“Using an automated invoicing system that centralizes the payments can save us time and help us get paid faster, its great.”

3. Sites cannot be paid by a solution like Greenphire – the payment needs to come from the contracted party.

“As long as the payee and payor is the sponsor / CRO and site – there is no problem receiving payment from a software.”

4. Sites do not want another application to log into / administer.

“If there is a value in the solution and if using the solution means easier payment, we’re all for it.”

5. EU sites do not necessarily need to generate invoices in their local language.

“EDC is in English, so it makes sense for invoices to also be in this language, especially if the invoice is generated by EDC activity.”


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