Patient-centric clinical trials have driven adoption of a host of new technologies (mobile apps, wearables, payment methods) to keep participants engaged throughout a clinical trial, while also ensuring administrators adhere to protocols.

ClinCard is designed to engage participants by enabling rapid payment via direct deposit or a reloadable debit card – a proven method of keeping participants engaged throughout the lifecycle of a trial.

However, as more sites, sponsors and CROs empower patients and introduce new solutions, to attract and engage trial participants, they risk acquiring patient identifying information (PII) and / or Protected Health Information (PHI).

Particularly when it comes to payments and reimbursements, and even travel, how do you optimize and streamline the process without revealing secure data?


The ClinCard platform does not receive or store any PHI information

Greenphire does, however, collect PII information.  It protects all patients by limiting the amount of PII captured within the ClinCard platform to what is legally required to support reimbursement processes.   They include Name, Address and DOB.  In addition, the ClinCard platform offers another layer of protection by not relating the participant to the 16 Digit Card number is provides for reimbursement, but rather stores only a token that Greenphire’s processor are able accept and perform the necessary monetary transaction.

Data Privacy

A solution that has the administrative, physical and technological safeguards in place to protect patients and all parties involved in conducting the clinical trial should be at the top of a checklist when reimbursing patients.

A partner that is exclusively focused on clinical trials payments, such as Greenphire, has both the experience and expertise to protect all information relating to participants. The ClinCard solution has been designed to be externally facing, actively protecting all data stored within the system. Additionally, Greenphire has established banking relationships with PCI compliant partners so no patient banking information is ever stored within the portal.


When conducting clinical trials, you must adhere to the PHI standards under HIPAA. HIPAA compliance is crucial to the safety of the patient. As a Business Associate,the protocols ClinCard has in place keeps sponsors, CROs and sites compliant, all while keeping the safety of the patient maintained.

The ClinCard solution not only delivers full transparency regarding participant payments and reimbursements, but also ensures that all patient data is kept in a secure manner, with security measures in place you can rely on. Keeping participant data safe – and your trials compliant.

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