Greenphire Enhances Self Service Capabilities for eClinicalGPS

June 13 2018  

Increasing trial complexity and expanding industry emphasis on site centricity are contributing to the rapid evolution of grant payment management.

A one-size-fits-all approach to site payments is not scalable or sustainable for today’s clinical research. Sponsors and CROs that are focused on optimizing payment processes require advanced financial software that introduces efficiencies into their workflows, as well as those of their investigative sites around the world, without limiting the automation opportunity.

That is why the eClinicalGPS is available for self-service, full service or a hybrid, “on demand” delivery model, designed for optimal ROI. Our expert team has the unique insight and perspective to understand the best use of the software and we work collaboratively with global Sponsors and CROs to reduce the manual burden that impacts financial transparency and site collaboration.

Sites around the world are seeing faster, more accurate payments, a significant reduction in inquiries to their sponsor and CRO partners about payment status, and a reduced manual accounting effort in payment reconciliation with eClinicalGPS.

It has never been easier, or more critical, to automate site payments. Schedule a demo to learn how eClinicalGPS is flexible to fit into the unique and dynamic needs of your team and partners.


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