Fair Market
Value Data

Build Your Budget with Access to the Most Robust FMV Data 

Often, source data used for building investigator grant budgets is outdated and does not accurately reflect what is negotiated and agreed in site contracts.

Through Greenphire’s years of experience executing site payments world-wide, we have established an unmatched fair market value data set, derived from up-to-date, global negotiated CTAs.

What Makes Our Data Unique?

Our data is representative of tens of thousands of unique data points, including:

countries with fair market value benchmarking
global, proprietary codes specific to research
more countries with negotiated actuals than other top data sources

The Power of Data & Workflow Together

Access our fair market value data directly within the EnvisiX budget creation tool. This seamless integration combines the benefit of an intuitive investigator grant budget build workflow with FMV data intelligence to optimize and streamline your study startup.

Streamline Your Start-Up

Ready to gain accuracy and efficiency in your study budgeting process? 

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