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November 23 2022  

Build Preferred Partnerships with Clinical Trial Sites Using Site Payment Technology

Whether managed directly or outsourced, creating positive relationships with sites is a critical part of becoming a preferred research partner. However, the logistics and scope of clinical trial site management, from participant engagement to data monitoring, can make it challenging to execute on studies and simultaneously build and sustain strong site relations.

Payment management is one such area which has a significant impact on both the partnership and site activity. Managing complex invoicing processes, following up with sponsors on payment statuses and reconciling payments all require time that could be better spent on recruiting study participants, conducting research, and increasing the diversity of the trial enrolment process. Yet, cinical trial sponsors and CROs who implement the right SaaS solutions can help address the challenges with payment management which improves overall study operations, and perhaps more importantly– relationships with research sites. In fact, according to Greenphire’s 2022 Market Trends Survey, “streamline site payments and invoicing” was listed by sponsors, CROs and sites alike as the most important thing sponsors and CROs can do to enhance site relationships.

Identifying the Need To Overcome Site-Payment Challenges

If your organisation encounters pain points with its incumbent clinical trial site payment fulfillment model, Greenphire’s suite of digital solutions may be the answer. From implementation to study completion, we work to improve and enhance payment efficiency, transparency, and accuracy to strengthen the relationship between the sponsor and the site for the entire clinical trial lifecycle. Greenphire works globally to help sponsors and CROs transform their clinical site invoicing and payment approach:

  • Reducing Manual Processes Reliance on manual processes is a laborious and cumbersome task which often requires duplicative effort to cross-reference site activities against the original contract and budget. Greenphire’s data-driven payment automation removes the guesswork from providing accurate and timely payment delivery.
  • Transparent Payment Reporting Tracking and reporting invoice and payment statuses across multiple data sources can cause additional difficulties in achieving payment accuracy. Greenphire solutions consolidate payment execution and reporting into a single portal, allowing sites to expedite payments and reconcile their reimbursements easily, and accurately.
  • Consistent and Timely Payments Due to the time-consuming nature of manual processing, payments can often be delayed from sponsor to site. Additionally, they can be difficult for the sites to understand and reconcile. Fit-for-purpose site payment technology adds much-needed predictability to the clinical trial financial lifecycle.
  • Regional Readiness Clinical trials are conducted on a global stage, and eClinicalGPS was designed to meet the needs of global regulations and workflow requirements, including taxation, currency, reporting and more.

Streamline Processes, Support Site Staff

The execution of global site payments is a complicated undertaking that has the potential to impact site relationships if not processed properly.

Greenphire is equipped with the experience and flexibility to meet unique regional requirements that support global clinical operations. eClinicalGPS empowers sites through automated invoicing and payments that ensures they get paid on time with clear financial visibility every step of the way. We ensure site satisfaction by simplifying financial and administrative processes that give research coordinators and administrators more time to focus on what’s important– providing patient care. In fact, 88% of site users of feel that having a documented audit trail of study finances/payments using eClinicalGPS is valuable for their site. Also, check out these testimonials from our annual, global satisfaction survey:

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