A Global Perspective on Site Payments and Patient Reimbursements

April 25 2017  

Study Shows Site Payments and Patient Reimbursements Direct Impact Clinical Research and Patient Centricity

Greenphire and the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) conducted a survey that revealed the negative impact that manual payment processes have on global clinical research. Results indicated that manual processes take time away from patient care and research.

The survey of 760 sites around the world focused on financial operations, processes and systems, as well as key issues around patient reimbursement.

Key findings of the survey include::

  • 63% of sites prefer electronic payments
  • 84% of sites prefer payment in thirty days or less
  • More than 75% of sites reported that reimbursement timelines have an impact on their ability to pay stipends and reimbursements to patients
  • 44% of sites employ personnel involved in accounting who also have other study-related duties
  • 74% of sites report that personnel spend more than 15 minutes per patient visit on accounting activities

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