A common approach to automating the investigator payment process is by linking EDC or CTMS data with payment activity. On the surface, this simple approach seems straightforward, link the site payment solution with the activity captured in the EDC or CTMS and trigger payments based on that data.

So where’s the issue? Well, there are many.

According to Metrics Champion Consortium’s (MCC) Industry Practices Insight Report, “Clinical Site Payment Study: An examination of how Sponsors and CRO organizations measure site payment processes – trigger events, cycle times, performance expectations compared to actual results and site payment strategies, nearly 80% of investigator payments are triggered by an invoice, not EDC data. Therefore, sites are not receiving full payment, duplicate data is being invoiced, putting another layer of reconciliation on payments teams.

The solution? Expand payment triggers to include everything and eliminate paper invoices. By empowering sites to request payments on an easy-to-use portal, all the ambiguities are eliminated. The sophisticated invoicing methodology built in the eClinicalGPS has standardized and automated the invoice process, ensuring the request for payment is compliant, reflects the terms of the contract and centralized, without duplicate liabilities.

The result? Less rework, more transparency and confidence in payment accuracy for everyone involved.

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