A Holistic Approach to Training

From investigator meetings and live webinars to online training and reference guides, we have a variety of training resources to fit your needs. Our training and consulting team is available to instruct sites, sponsors and CROs at all levels worldwide. With the right guidance, our solutions will become valuable tools to simplify your workflows and reduce time wasted on manual processes.

Live Hands-On Training

Greenphire’s goal is to ensure that all users, including sponsors, CROs and research sites, maximize the full value of our suite of solutions. We provide new user training and refresher courses led by experts who understand regional considerations of your product usage. With global time zone coverage, we offer a schedule of live trainings at times that are convenient to you, and on-demand resources available at the click of a button.

Self-Paced Learning Resources

In addition to live trainings, users receive access to on-demand resources available day and night through our in-app Knowledge Center.

These include:

Step-by-step reference guides

Release notes for system updates

Easy access to contact Greenphire support

And more!  

To open the Knowledge Center within our product portals, click the book icon in the bottom right-hand corner!


Site Satisfaction

Get to Know A Few of Our Trainers

Greenphire’s dedicated experts host specialized sponsor, site and product-specific interactive training. Sessions are designed to educate users and maximize their product experience. Learn more about our dedicated, global training team!

Ben Gordon: U.K. Product Trainer

Based in Nottingham (UK), Ben delivers training to our site users across Europe. He believes that training is the key factor in ensuring our users feel empowered and comfortable using our products, while maximizing return on investment for sponsors and CROs.

Ben is passionate about speaking to our site users and guiding them through Greenphire’s suite of products. “I take true joy in enabling users to have the ‘lightbulb’ moment when they understand a key area or concept in the Greenphire applications.”

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Lacey Kuberiet: Manager, Product Training

Lacey Kuberiet is the Manager of Product Training at Greenphire. She is responsible for leading a team of product trainers focusing on ensuring sites, sponsors, and CROs understand how to utilize Greenphire’s product offerings. Lacey and her team have trained thousands of users, giving them a unique perspective into site and client needs. Prior to working on the Product Training team, Lacey worked as a Site Relationship Coordinator at Greenphire, aiding sites in the management and optimization of their ClinCard participant payment programs.

Before  joining Greenphire in 2018, Lacey worked in other customer success roles in the healthcare industry.

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Monica Mitrea: In-Country Engagement Specialist

Monica is an In-Country Engagement Specialist (ICES) who joined Greenphire in April of 2022. Her previous experience also involves the clinical trials industry, regulatory research and site contracting and budget negotiations.

Now, part of the Client Experience Team, Monica manages the Spanish Market in terms of OUS interests aiming to build strong relationships with key sites, clients, and users in-country.

Having a legal background, she sustains a current working knowledge of local regulatory requirements, with focus on communicating any shifts, interpretations, or growing areas of pushback.

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