At Greenphire, we believe in access.

Removing the financial and logistical obstacles that limit patient participation in clinical trials, and making it simple for sites to administer these services, is in our DNA.

Since 2008, we’ve been working to continuously improve how the industry mitigates burdens in the care journey. Through those efforts, Greenphire has had the privilege of supporting more than five million clinical trial participants in the U.S. and beyond. Today, patient reimbursement and travel support are critical components of most clinical trials.

However, the very tax treatment on financial remediation which sponsors, CROs and sites are putting in place to remove participant burden could be adversely impacting the most vulnerable in our society.

Stipends which are used to offset the time and out-of-pocket costs for participating in a clinical trial are classified as “income” and totals over $600 are taxed as such. This can create a hardship for many trial participants – especially those of lower income brackets who risk losing government benefit eligibility (such as food stamps) by going over a tax reporting limit.

We’re doing something about just that.

For the past several years, Greenphire has been actively engaged with non-profit groups, sponsors, CROs and sites to inform and advocate for changing the tax code.

I’m pleased to report that the Clinical Trial Modernization Act (H.R. 8412) has been introduced in the U.S. Congress. This bipartisan bill addresses numerous economic barriers to trial participation, including the exclusion of remuneration for participation in clinical trials from taxable income.

Greenphire data has been used to quantify the proportion of clinical trial patients impacted, as well as validate the difference in revenue collected by the government at various tax thresholds, thereby informing the threshold incorporated in the bill.

However, real change will require more than data; it will require a coalition. And that’s what I challenge you to do today: join with Greenphire in taking a position for patients. Use your platforms to create awareness and build momentum towards removing the tax impediments placed on trial participants.

I encourage you to support the important advocacy efforts being put forward by our friends at the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), who have been instrumental in putting a spotlight on the financial toxicity of cancer. You can do so with these simple steps:

  • Like, Follow and Share: Amplify ACS CAN’s announcement of the Clinical Trial Modernization Act on LinkedIn
  • Get Educated: Read the ACS CAN Fact Sheet on the H.R. 8412 and send to your government affairs teams and local representatives
  • Register for an Upcoming Bill Briefing: Greenphire will be hosting a virtual roundtable with ACS CAN to provide background on the legislation and suggested action steps you and your colleagues can take

Together, we can make a difference in patients’ lives. Let’s collaborate today to eliminate the tax barriers preventing millions of Americans from participating in clinical trials. 

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