Identifying a Trusted Partner

Use of technology solutions in clinical trials is only increasing. While this is certainly a positive trend – with technology helping to centralize workflows, increase transparency and drive efficiency – we understand that implementing new solutions can be daunting.

The implementation phase is critical to the success of any partnership. From internal buy-in and change management to data source integration, there are several aspects to consider when introducing new technology. As noted in a previous blog, when it comes to clinical trial technology implementation approaches, “one size does not fit all”. The key is to identify a provider that will not simply hand over a platform and wish you luck but rather take the time to understand unique workflow needs, global nuances and data integration requirements to set you on the best path forward.

Data Source Agnostic

Let’s assume the implementation approach has been determined and move on to another critical component – the data… integration that is. Data source integration is an often-underestimated aspect of the technology implementation process.

We’ll use site payment automation as an example of a clinical trial technology that is largely dependent upon the ability to integrate with various data sources. You as the Sponsor or CRO hold all of your source data – whether stored in EDC, CTMS, ERP, home grown data warehouse or a combination. But how do you synthesize the data and best utilize it for the purpose at hand?

Executing site payments on a global scale is complex and as noted, data is often located in a variety of places, which can feel overwhelming. This is where a prominent site payment solution & provider will ease that burden – with the ability to both integrate with any data source and access the data in a variety of ways (e.g., file-based or API-based integration). Greenphire, for example, has best practices for connecting with data sources but also understands that data comes in different shapes, sizes and forms – and therefore is flexible to cater to the client’s needs.

A Foundation Built on Best Practices

Greenphire’s client onboarding process is comprised of four key phases: Discovery, Consultation, Collaboration, and Implementation. The Consultation and Collaboration phases focus on developing standards and best practices as well as requirements gathering and testing to ensure appropriate integrations are in place and the system is configured to align with the CTA. With these critical implementation steps completed, the site payment solution can accurately execute global payments based on pre-determined triggers (e.g., by visit or procedure) from the respective data source. And should a Sponsor or CRO wish to execute their own payments, an integration with their respective ERP can ensure that all payments are executed by the ERP and tracked within the site payment solution as the single, centralized source of truth.

It is critical to identify an expert partner to help optimize a complex process like site payments. The partner should have global experience, offer leading technology, and use a consultative method to support strategic data source integration and process transformation across the enterprise.

Ultimately, this specialized and detailed approach will drive a successful and scalable business partnership between Sponsor / CRO and technology provider.

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