Simplifying the Clinical Trial Participant Journey

August 24 2021  

Driving Enrollment and Retention Through Technology

As drug development, site management, and regulatory environments grow in  complexity, life sciences companies need technology solutions that can manage the increasing demand for study participants, stringent inclusion criteria and strict regulatory review guidelines.

Industry sponsors and CROs have prioritized the patient experience, leading to concrete improvements in study timelines for clinical trials, the reduction of enrollment risk and an increase in patient retention rates. Leveraging technology, CROs and study sponsors can simplify a patient’s journey by reducing site burden through highly matched patient referrals and empower study teams to manage enrollment performance and improve patient retention.

In this paper, we will cover:

  • Patient Recruitment: Impact and Opportunities
  • Patient Retention: Impact and Opportunities
  • Action Steps Your Organization Can Take to Improve Diverse Recruitment and Retention
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