Solutions for Oncology Trials & Participants

The High Stakes of Oncology Clinical Trials

While all clinical trials come with their own set of hurdles, oncology trials have routinely had the largest to overcome – yet their importance has never been higher.  Greenphire is here to meet these challenges, and help you to provide your participants with convenience and care, and help to ensure life-saving drugs get to market faster.

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Greenphire Partners with the American Cancer Society

Since 2017, Greenphire has supported more than 500 separate oncology studies through its automated patient reimbursement and payments solution ClinCard. In addition to providing programmatic solutions to patient reimbursement, Greenphire is also invested in ensuring the regulatory framework protects such patient support. We are therefore proud to support the bipartisan, bicameral Diversifying Investigations Via Equitable Research Studies for Everyone (DIVERSE) Trials Act (S. 2706/H.R. 5030) sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Network.

Greenphire Patient Convenience Summit: Oncology & Patient Engagement

Greenphire sits down with Jamil Rivers, Founder and CEO of the Crysalis Foundation, and Mark Fleury, Policy Principal for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, to discuss the history of patient reimbursement in clinical research and what is needed to improve access to oncology clinical trials, including legislative changes, community outreach, and solutions to remove patient burdens.

Increasing Site and Patient Convenience for Oncology Clinical Trials

Enabling Patient Convenience

The increasing demands on the patient cause not only emotional drain but also financial and logistical hardships as well. Greenphire cares. Our solutions are designed with the patient in mind, to remove impediments to participating in clinical trials without increasing research site burdens.


Our flagship patient payment solution permits immediate reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, including parking, meals, transportation and more

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Our expert travel solution removes all out of pocket transportation and lodging costs and simplifies the travel booking process.

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