Greenphire Supports Multiple Efforts in the Fight Against Cancer

February 03 2022  

Company’s solutions and partnerships play key role in helping clinical trial investigator sites and participants take part in oncology studies


King of Prussia, PA, February 4, 2022 — Greenphire, the global leader in financial lifecycle management for clinical trials, is a proud supporter of World Cancer Day, an annual event held on Feb. 4 that raises worldwide awareness, education and collective action in hopes to increase access to life-saving cancer treatments and provide equitable care for all.

Since 2017, Greenphire has supported more than 500 separate oncology studies through its automated patient reimbursement and payments solution ClinCard, which eases the administrative burden on investigator site staff and provides patients with an easy-to-use prepaid debit card (physical or virtual) to compensate for any expenses incurred during the course of a study. Additionally, Greenphire has seen a significant trend in the last 24 months, supporting a tremendous volume of oncology studies with solutions to increase access and convenience.

Oncology sites frequently face significant headwinds in the clinical trial process due to complexities associated with cancer trials that often cause extraneous expenses, which make accurate and timely payments even more critical to the success of a study.

According to our annual survey of global Greenphire solution users, 91% of sites that have conducted oncology studies reported they were very satisfied with ClinCard, citing its simplicity in implementation that helps eliminate a number of administrative tasks sites typically perform.

In addition to providing programmatic solutions to patient reimbursement, Greenphire is also invested in ensuring the regulatory framework protects such patient support. We are therefore proud to support the bipartisan, bicameral Diversifying Investigations Via Equitable Research Studies for Everyone (DIVERSE) Trials Act (S. 2706/H.R. 5030), which seeks to make clinical trial participation more patient friendly by clearing the way to providing patients with needed technology that could allow them to participate in trials from home, or to support their travel costs when they have to physically go to medical sites for trial-related visits.

“While great strides have been made in finding treatments for various forms of cancer, we still have much more to do. All clinical trials are complex, but oncology trials have their own unique set of challenges. We’re thrilled that our products and services play a key role in helping find new ways to treat cancer while also helping many people gain access to new medicines they might not otherwise have,” said Jim Murphy, CEO of Greenphire.

Greenphire will also participate in the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) Oncology Site Solutions Summit scheduled for May 21-22 in Austin, Texas, hosting a session on removing financial toxicity from clinical trials.

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