We at Greenphire had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Coe, the CEO of Black Women in Clinical Research (BWICR), who was interviewed by our own Joe Gough.

Ms. Coe shared how her passion and dedication allowed her to break into the clinical research industry. After attending an investigator meeting, where she happened to be one of two black women in the room, was a pivotal moment in her career. Ms. Coe knew that she needed to DO something to intact change in an industry where People of Color are underrepresented.

BWICR is a professional network group that not only provides services to black women, but anyone needing assistance. Collectively, BWICR is working to close the knowledge gap in the Black community about careers in clinical research and providing resources to aid individuals in their career search. It is my pleasure to share the story of how Ms. Coe saw a disparity in the industry and sought out to fix it, while inspiring others to be the change that they needed in the process!

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