Personalized Medicine. Globalization. Diversity and Inclusion. AI. Regulation.

Today’s clinical trials are more complicated than ever before, but the challenges in front of us are not insurmountable. In fact, I am more optimistic about the future of clinical trial execution than ever before.

Now is the time to think big, and not let anything stand in our way.

The Greenphire Promise

  • Meet each patient, where they are, no matter their geography, health condition, needs or preferences. The medical heroes who selflessly volunteer for trials should never cite financial or logistical reasons for not enrolling or prematurely dropping out of a trial. That’s why we’re wholly committed to ensuring that patients have peace of mind through instant access to digital and human based support to ensure their preferred transportation and compensation needs are met – whether you’re conducting a clinical trial in Kenya or California.
  • Remove friction from site administration. Sites are busier than ever. It’s our responsibility as an industry to ensure that minimizing burden at each step along the patient journey in a clinical trial is intuitive and simple and study coordinators can focus on patient care and not paperwork.
  • Deliver unparalleled localized geographical coverage, solution flexibility and insight,for study sponsors & CROs. 

What We Believe

At Greenphire, we’ll never settle in supporting you. We are inspired by the innovators pursuing medical progress and are committed to solving administrative problems which stand in their way.

We have been laser focused on removing the pain which has stemmed from financial and logistical barriers across the financial lifecycle.

Fit-for-purpose technology, combined with deep expertise and a consultative approach are how we deliver that.

  • Ultimate Site Experience – Simply put, our goal is to help you meet yours. One of the most important stakeholders in clinical research is the site, and we’re committed to ensuring that we’re reducing burden as they conduct trials. Today’s options go beyond technology; we’ve bolstered our delivery models to ensure that we’re removing patient burden, but not at the expense of site admin. Whether you’re interested in a self-service or full-service site experience, Greenphire has you covered to ensure your sites are empowered and supported.
  • Interoperability – Integrating is what we do, all day, every day. From single sign on (SSO) to CTMS and ePRO integration , our solutions streamline patient and site experiences with thoughtfully designed workflows while minimizing the need for manual data input .
  • Localized data – today’s clinical trials don’t take place in one country, or even two or three. They’re often multinational, which puts demands on pharma sponsors to comply with local data protection regulations. There’s no other company who has invested more in ensuring that their technology solutions keep data participant data rooted in local jurisdictions using approaches such as tokenization.
  • Regionalized solutions – What’s common in one country, can be illegal in the next. And the regulatory environment is in a tumultuous time of change. Our robust product pipeline ensures that you can rely on flexibly payment, travel and support approaches preferred in different markets to ensure that you’re compliant but also delivering a consistent and optimal patient and site experience across the globe. No longer just the “ClinCard” company, Greenphire offers bank transfer, virtual payments and more to ensure you’re supporting the diverse needs of participants everywhere.
  • Globalized support and resources –Greenphire has more in-market support than any other eClinical provider – from initial training and education to support, we’ve gone beyond translating materials and portals, to having people on-the ground everywhere, that you can rely on. From in-market travel concierge and site adoption experts to regionalized helpdesks, we’re committed to ensuring that your trial participants and sites have personalized support in their language and time zone when they need it.

Since getting my start as a clinical researcher, I’ve witnessed significant changes in our industry – in the pace of medical discovery and the methods by which those discoveries transition into transformation care options. We’re committed to helping you connect broken processes in clinical research, to create more transparency, enable ease and deliver the best experience for your trial participants and sites.

I invite you to ‘Go with Greenphire’ for your clinical trials.

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