From Patient Experience to Budgeting: Meet Greenphire’s Richie McCann

February 26 2024  

Richie McCann, Head of Global Sales for Site Payments and Budgeting, is dedicated to improving the clinical trial process for everyone involved. With his extensive expertise in technology and solution sales, as well as pharmaceutical and life sciences applications, Richie is constantly seeking ways to enhance the customer’s experience. 

You can read our Q&A with Richie to gain further insights about his experiences helping customers streamline clinical trial processes and how his passion for improving the patient experience led him to Greenphire to continue this mission.

 What drives your passion for what you do?

I love working with people and assisting them in overcoming their challenges and achieving their objectives. My ultimate goal is to make their lives easier. My previous career experiences taught me the importance of understanding the customer and the buying process and adopting a consumer-centric approach. This means always trying to understand how people will use your technology and the value it can deliver them. We all seek best-in-class technology in our personal lives, so why not in our work lives as well?

When you understand the needs and preferences of the customer, you can create a solution that addresses their specific pain points, leading to a higher chance of adoption and customer satisfaction. With this level of knowledge you can also continuously improve upon your solutions and create new features that are tailored to their evolving needs.

Why do you dedicate your time to life sciences work today?

I am deeply committed to improving patient care by offering appropriate solutions and technology to enhance the patient experience and reduce stress and burden across stakeholders. In the context of clinical trials, offering participants reimbursement and travel assistance, providing resources that explain what to expect during their visits, reminding them of appointments, and creating opportunities for them to give feedback can be highly beneficial. All of this can be achieved by providing the right technology to those who need it. This approach gives participants more peace of mind, which is not too much to ask, considering the time and effort they contribute to the trial.

It’s time for life sciences to catch up with other industries regarding technology adoption. We have tools like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, so why not have a patient relationship management (PRM) system? We must prioritize patients and ensure they receive the best possible experience. So, I have dedicated my time to the life sciences industry with the hope of contributing to this goal.

Why did you join Greenphire?

I joined Greenphire because it allowed me to combine my personal and professional goals. The organization is entirely focused on streamlining clinical trial processes, with patients at the core of everything we do. Adjacent to our participant-facing solutions, we address business challenges related to budgeting and site payments. This was a natural extension for Greenphire as we examined the clear inefficiencies that existed not only at the participant level but also upstream in the clinical trial lifecycle.

Greenphire facilitates the entire patient journey during clinical trials. Our fair market value data helps you plan and budget for your trial accurately. Setting these expectations and knowing the expected costs allows you to pay sites on time, leading to happy sites with no payment delays. Since your sites are in the green, they can pay participants quickly and focus their time on patient care. With these solutions, you can address patient recruitment, retention, site satisfaction, and more. 

I believe Greenphire is the best place to grow in the future, both for me and for the industry as a whole.

What benefits can be achieved by streamlining budgeting in clinical trials? 

Budgeting is a critical aspect of a clinical trial and data plays a crucial role in making informed decisions, however, it’s only useful when we can act on it. Our fair market value data is aggregated and available directly within the tool, helping customers build a budget based on contemporary industry actuals they can trust. Through an unmatched fair market value data set and a streamlined budget creation workflow, sponsors and CROs can have confidence in their budgets, improving site negotiations and ultimately accelerating the traditionally time consuming study startup phase of a trial.

How does Greenphire’s site payment solution help support clinical trials? 

Greenphire’s site payment solution enables our clients to pay their sites more quickly, efficiently and accurately, which is something they desperately want and need. Rather than waiting 3-6 months or longer, sites can now be paid monthly or even more frequently. This helps sites remain financially stable, allowing them to sustain trial operations and quickly reimburse participants for their time and/or expenses. In addition to timely payments, site administrative burden is reduced with automated invoicing, while sponsors gain complete visibility of their finances. In the end, we are simplifying non-clinical processes and eliminating obstacles across all stakeholders to help drive quality and meet or exceed study timelines.

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