eClinicalGPS Capabilities

Enhancing the Site Payment Experience

We take a holistic, centralized approach to automating global site payments – one that empowers the research site through streamlined workflows, payment visibility and timeliness while delivering a strategic advantage for sponsors and CROs. Ultimately, positive site relationships are fostered and significant cost savings are realized by dramatically reducing efforts required to execute and track complex investigator site payments worldwide.

Delivery Model Flexibility



Greenphire partners with sponsors and CROs to serve as a site payment partner or Functional Service Provider (FSP), with the largest team of experts exclusively focused on site payment optimization, controlling everything from study setup through payment execution.



A SaaS-based solution, eClinicalGPS offers the flexibility to provide sponsors and CROs the ability to fully control the software, including site set up and study configuration.



Greenphire offers any combination of software and services on demand, allowing sponsors and CROs to align the solution to meet their dynamic needs while still eliminating manual points of handoff and intervention.

Simplified Invoicing

System Generated

In this method, compliant invoices are auto-generated based on data triggers and information entered from a site user. This standard, preferred method is optimal for consistent, timely payments which are automatically processed for EDC items and approved manual/invoiceable items at the end of the month.

Site Invoice Upload (SIU)

This method allows sites to create an invoice and upload into the eClinicalGPS portal for processing and centralized access. By uploading an invoice, this eliminates the need to send a physical copy unless required by local law.

Any Data, Any Format, Any Source

Unlike solutions that are tied exclusively to EDC, eClinicalGPS integrates with any clinical data systems (EDC, IVRS, CTMS, etc.) including client-specific data warehouses and financial systems. Through this comprehensive approach, there is significantly reduced risk for fragmented or duplicated data.

Configuration Control

Through our Control Center module, sponsors and CROs have added control and flexibility over all study-related configuration required to transfer funds to payees, including:

  • Visits & Procedures
  • Invoiceables
  • Sites & Payees
  • Payment Type
  • Country-specific Requirements

Addressing Global Nuances

eClinicalGPS was designed to be flexible to meet the needs of global regulations and workflow requirements, including invoicing, taxation, currency, reporting and more. Our expertise and system capabilities are accumulated through banking partnerships, consulting relationships and experience working with and receiving feedback from sponsors and CROs, maintaining a sole focus on international financial workflow management.

Split Payment Allocation

Clinical trial activities can be performed by various roles within a site, often necessitating the division of payment allocation. As such, eClinicalGPS includes a Split Payment Allocation feature, built to provide flexibility for dividing payments between multiple payees at a single site.

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