Expert Travel Solution for Clinical Trial Participants

ConneX, the most personalized clinical trial travel solution, is designed specifically to meet the retention goals of global clinical trials.


Global Reach

In-country booking and local language support for sites and participants.

Instant Confirmation

Itineraries delivered upon booking travel.

ClinCard Integration

Fully integrated with ClinCard, the most widely adopted participant engagement solution.

Transportation and Lodging

Hotel and specialized transportation including ground, air, or rail, ensures participants get to and from site visits with ease.


Integrated with Lyft to support the local travel needs of participants.

Expert Partner

Backed by a team of clinical trial, financial and travel experts.
From simply setting up a ride, to full-service travel arrangements, ConneX provides peace of mind for patients, families, caregivers, sites, and sponsors.

Peace of Mind For Participants and Caregivers

Concierge Approach

Participant travel is customized and arranged by Greenphire’s expert travel service partner to ease the stress of clinical trial travel.

Personalized Services

Personalized, 24/7/365 support includes securing travel documentation, producing itineraries, securing specialized services, and more.


Automated communications are sent to participants via text message or e-mail to confirm travel arrangements, deliver itineraries, and provide reminders for upcoming travel.

Easier For Sites

Optimized Resources

Configured to meet the unique complexities of clinical trial travel, including participant needs and specific region requirements, while eliminating logistical restrictions and reducing administrative strain on sites.

Global Support

Comprehensive global footprint with in-country booking and native language support for sites and participants.

Travel Policy and Itinerary Management

All bookings follow established travel policies and approval requirements for travel. Itineraries are delivered to sites and participants upon approval.

Increased Participant Retention and Engagement

Reduce financial and logistical hurdles that prevent participants from completing their trials.

Better For Sponsors


Comprehensive reports detail travel spending, budgeting, and forecasting.

Financial Tracking and Visibility

Both sponsors and clinical trial managers gain full line of sight and control of the travel costs for studies, eliminating any surprises or unforeseen expenses.

ClinCard Integration

Integrates easily with ClinCard to fully eliminate any financial or logistical challenges that may impact clinical trial participation and engagement.

Greenphire understands the complexities of clinical trial travel, whether by protocol, therapeutic area or region. ConneX can be configured to meet the diverse needs of each participant, their caregiver, their region and their study, eliminating logistical restrictions or limitations.

Product Sheet

ConneX is the most comprehensive clinical trial travel solution designed to meet the unique needs of your global trials.


Select from the widest array of travel services that align with your participant, protocol and budget.

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