Greenphire’s Global Site Advocates
Greenphire has partnered with the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) to gain an understanding around site payment burdens and how our solutions can empower sites around the world. Watch the video that recaps the key highlights of the meeting.
The Sponsor’s Advantage to Automated Investigator Payments
There are a lot of advantages that sites gain when payments are automated – reduced administrative burden, monthly payments, visibility. While these are great advantages to the site – what does the sponsor gain? Check out this video that takes a closer look at the advantages that sponsors gain when they chose to automate investigator […]
Whitepaper: A Global Perspective on Site Payments and Patient Reimbursements
Study Shows Site Payments and Patient Reimbursements Directly Impact Clinical Research and Patient Centricity. Research conducted by Greenphire and the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) highlights sites’ desire for streamlined payment processes. Read the whitepaper to learn more. 
Optimizing Patient Payments at Academic Research Institutions & Hospitals
Our team has worked closely with the top research hospitals and universities across the nation to establish a set of proven best practices to ensuring the solution is introduced effectively and embraced by the entire organization.
VIDEO: eClinicalGPS supports site sustainability, eliminates manual administrative burden for research sites
Automating site payments has many advantages, most importantly fast, accurate, timely payments to research sites. Take a look at our video on why payment automation delivers a significant advantage to global sites.
College of Medicine Sees a Cost and Resource Savings in Moving from Cash to ClinCard
Today, nearly 75% of the college’s subject reimbursements are automated with the ClinCard.
Site Payment Automation: A Site’s Perspective
Elias Research Associates had come to expect site payments to be a headache and drain on their resources. That was until their CRO partner started using eClinicalGPS.
eClinicalGPS Overview: For CROs
CROs are often a scapegoat to site payment challenges. Learn about our better way to pay sites. Together.
Site Payment Best Practices
The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) created a Site Payment Initiative to establish industry standards for the frequency and process of how sites should receive payments for industry sponsored clinical research work.
eClinicalGPS Overview
Learn how automated site payments can strengthen the partnership between sites and their CRO or sponsor partners by empowering the sites to focus on the research.