VIDEO: eClinicalGPS supports site sustainability, eliminates manual administrative burden for research sites
Automating site payments has many advantages, most importantly fast, accurate, timely payments to research sites. Take a look at our video on why payment automation delivers a significant advantage to global sites.
College of Medicine Sees a Cost and Resource Savings in Moving from Cash to ClinCard
Today, nearly 75%¬†of the college’s subject reimbursements are automated with the ClinCard.
Site Payment Automation: A Site’s Perspective
Elias Research Associates had come to expect site payments to be a headache and drain on their resources. That was until their CRO partner started using eClinicalGPS.
eClinicalGPS Overview: For CROs
CROs are often a scapegoat to site payment challenges. Learn about our better way to pay sites. Together.
Site Payment Best Practices
The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) created a Site Payment Initiative to establish industry standards for the frequency and process of how sites should receive payments for industry sponsored clinical research work.
eClinicalGPS Overview
Learn how automated site payments can strengthen the partnership between sites and their CRO or sponsor partners by empowering the sites to focus on the research.
ClinCard Overview: For Sponsors and CROs
Learn how ClinCard enables sponsors and CROS to optimize clinical trial performance by improving patient engagement and retention and eliminating the administrative burdens that can distract from research execution.
ClinCard Overview: For Research Sites
Learn about the only patented payment technology designed to simplify patient reimbursement and enhance the overall clinical trial experience.
UCLA Improves Patient Engagement, Sees Measurable Cost Savings with ClinCard
How a leading university was able to lead the way to cost savings and improved patient retention with ClinCard