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ClinCard Supports Tufts Medical Center’s Commitment to Care and Research
Priding itself in its sophistication and commitment to the compassionate care they provide their patients, Tufts Medical Center…
College of Medicine Sees a Cost and Resource Savings in Moving from Cash to ClinCard
Today, nearly 75% of the college's subject reimbursements are automated with the ClinCard.
Site Payment Automation: A Site’s Perspective
Elias Research Associates had come to expect site payments to be a headache and drain on their resources.…
Alzheimer’s Study Increases Patient Retention by 10%
How a leading sponsor increased patient retention and engagement with ClinCard
Independent research site simplifies patient reimbursement with ClinCard
Read how researchers were able to optimize their resources and simplify workflow processes with ClinCard
Research sites automate patient payments to improve retention
Learn how three research sites saw dramatic time, cost savings from patient reimbursement automation
CHDI uses eClinicalGPS and ClinCard to optimize clinical trial financial management
Leading research site choses Greenphire solutions to handle payments across over 230 sites in 29 countries and four…
University of Penn Reduces Administrative Workload with ClinCard
Learn how ClinCard is improving the clinical trial experience, increasing patient retention and reducing administrative burdens for the…
Global sponsor improves clinical operations with eClinicalGPS
Case study on a global sponsor reduced costs by 40% and improved site satisfaction and performance