Flexible Delivery Models for Optimal ROI
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Full Service

Leverage self service, full service, or hybrid delivery models to maximize ROI and site satisfaction.


Automated Payments

Streamlines and accelerates global site payments using contract logic and data inputs.

Financial Transparency

Visibility into transactions, accruals, cash flow forecasting, budgeted vs. actual cost comparisons.

Any Data Source

Delivers flexibility to seamlessly integrate with any data source, in (EDC, IVRS, CTMS, etc.), including data warehouses.

Business Intelligence

Advanced analytics deliver consistent and accurate financial insight enabling better decision-making.

Intelligent SaaS

Flexible financial software platform supports unique workflows, without increasing costs.

Invoice Reconciliation

Streamlines the invoicing and payment process with automation.
Reach a New Level of Site Satisfaction and Performance with eClinicalGPS

The Most Sophisticated Clinical Trial Financial Software

Any Site Payment Workflow

Integrates into any site payment workflow easily for optimal efficiency.

Payment Triggers

Modular and adaptable to most complex clinical trials including data-driven, user-driven, and study milestone triggers.

Any Data, Any Format, Any Source

Integrates with any clinical data system (EDC, IVRS, CTMS, etc.), including client specific data warehouses and financial systems.

Site Preferred

Site Portal

Localized in dozens of local languages with Single Sign-On capabilities.

Monthly Site Payments

Increase payment frequency without additional processes or costs.

Financial Visibility

Eliminate ambiguities around payment status and supporting details.


Financial Intelligence

Centralizes clinical budget/benchmarking data and all payment transactions, providing comprehensive financial data.


Comprehensive suite of financial, operational, and compliance reporting.

Financial Tracking and Visibility

Centralized portal enables finance teams to provide quality insights related to the visibility into payment status, backup details, and reporting.

Global Payment Navigation

Country-Specific Requirements

Built to support the unique complexities of global clinical research and payment services, including contract and amendment structures, per country, and country-specific financial regulations (e.g. cash flow, currency control, tax, and accounting).

Aggregate Spend Compliance

Designed to support global clinical, financial, and transparency regulations (e.g. Open Payments, EFPIA, and other country-specific equivalents).

Fund and Pay in Multiple Currencies

Automates global payments to sites in their local contracted currency.

eClinicalGPS: A Better Way to Pay Sites

Automated site payments can strengthen the partnership between sites and their CRO or sponsor partners by empowering the sites to focus on the research.

Self-Service, Full Service and Anything in Between

eClinicalGPS offers configuration and administration options, providing CROs and sponsors unmatched capability, flexibility, and control.

Optimize 7 Critical Business Functions with Payment Automation

Learn how eClinicalGPS introduces a measurable impact on seven critical business functions.