The Industry Standard in Participant Payment Automation

With more than 7 million payments, ClinCard is the industry-leading method for automated participant payments, delivering unmatched simplicity, security, and global reach.


Rapid Payment

Delivers quick, easy participant payments via the ClinCard portal.

Secure Payment Method

Protects participants and eliminates risk of fraud.

Global Solution

ClinCard is offered in 116 countries in a participant’s local currency.

Participant Messaging

Configure unique, personalized email or text message alerts to participants.

24/7 Support

Multilingual site and cardholder support, available 24/7.

Unprecedented Reporting

Provides complete audit trail to every payment, offering complete financial transparency.
9 out of 10 sites recommend ClinCard

Boost Patient Retention

Eliminate Financial Barriers to Continued Participation

Eliminate the financial hurdles that may keep participants from completing a clinical trial.

Instant Payments, No Checks

Delivering participant payments immediately after the completion of a milestone and implementing interactive notifications has been proven to increase study retention and engagement.

Personal Alerts

Participants can opt in for email or text message notifications regarding payment status and visit reminders to keep them engaged and on schedule.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Save Time, Reduce Errors

Simplifying and streamlining payment processes relieves the burdens of administrative tasks, empowering sites and giving them more time to focus on the research.

Configured to Any Payment Schedule

Payment schedule, terms and distribution method/currency are configurable based on specific study needs.

Seamless Integration for Ultimate Automation

Integrates easily with multiple clinical data sources (EDC, IVRS, CTM, etc.) to automate participant registration and payment.

Gain Visibility and Control

Centralize All Transactions

Provides access and visibility to a complete audit trail of every payment.

Simple Reporting

Provides comprehensive reporting that includes payment data, transactional history, program balance, study budget, 1099 IRS tax reporting and more.

Financial Tracking and Visibility

Allows for optimized cash flow, improved line of sight, and added control over participant payments.

Expert Global Partner

Flexible Payment Methodologies

Supports global clinical research with the flexibility to offer direct deposit or a reloadable prepaid card solution in local currencies.

Available Worldwide

The ClinCard Prepaid Mastercard solution is available in 29 countries, with the added support of direct deposit in 116 markets.

Expert Partner in Clinical Payment Automation

Solution and partner have the ability to navigate global compliance and industry regulations.

Bring the simplicity of rideshare to your clinical trials with Lyft

Remove logistical hurdles to clinical trial participation with the only solution that offers both ride and reimbursement automation within one portal.

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